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Hard Drive Duplication and Digital Forensic Solutions



Since 1999 Logicube has been the world leader in hard drive duplication and digital forensic imaging hardware. IT departments around the world in corporate, military, government, medical and education markets use Logicube duplicators for all their hard drive cloning tasks including back-ups, PC rollouts, software application deployment and for secure wiping of hard drives. Our digital forensic imaging solutions, including our flagship Falcon-NEO meet the demanding requirements of digital forensic investigators from government, law enforcement, military and private consulting firms around the world.




Our products are the most advanced, feature-rich, powerful, scalable, and expandable products in our market. Logicube products are on the leading edge of the technology curve.


Logicube products are produced with the highest standards of quality and are subjected to the most stringent quality conformance tests, resulting in the lowest failure rates in the field.


Logicube’s order fulfilment lead-times are industry-leading. We fulfill most orders on the same day and maintain adequate supply of all products in inventory at all times.


We respond to our clients’ technical challenges promptly and with highest degree of expertise. We will not relent until our customers’ technical problems are resolved to their satisfaction.


Field-ready computer forensic solutions that provide blazing speeds at over 50GB/min, write-blocking, multi-source/destination imaging, the ability to image to/from a network location and a long list of features that streamline the forensic imaging process!

Logicube digital forensic imaging solutions are developed specifically for the digital forensic investigator and are used by government agencies, federal, state and local law enforcement, military organizations and corporate security around the world. Featuring innovative design, high performance and technologically advanced features these solutions meet today’s challenges in digital forensic investigations.


The Forensic Falcon-NEO, our premier forensic imaging solution, achieves imaging speeds surpassing 50GB/min. The Falcon-NEO can image from up to 5 source drives to up to 9 destinations simultaneously to provide efficient and secure digital evidence collection. The solution can image to/from a network repository with two 10GbE ports. The future-focused Falcon-NEO is designed to streamline the evidence collection process.

Talon® Ultimate

The Talon Ultimate is a high-performance, feature rich and easy-to-use forensic imaging solution. Extremely fast imaging speeds of over 40GB/min and the ability to image from 1 source to 3 destinations makes it ideal for all your imaging, wiping, hashing tasks. Supports SATA, USB3, PCIe, FireWire with optional support available for SAS.


The WriteProtect-BAY supports 6 hard drive interfaces in one device. Supports SAS,SATA, FireWire, USB3.0, PCIe and IDE source drives, and utilizes an ultra-fast Superspeed USB3.0 host connection. The WriteProtect-BAY is designed to fit into a 5.25″, half-height drive bay of a forensic workstation.



The WriteProtect-DESKTOP is the only portable write-blocker that supports 6 hard drive interfaces in one device,supporting SAS, SATA, FireWire, PCIe, USB3 and IDE source drives. The WriteProtect-DESKTOP allows you to connect and image multiple source drives simultaneously with your forensic imaging software



The WriteProtect-Portable supports PCIe, SATA and USB3.0 interfaces and features a fast Superspeed USB3.0 host connection

MergenPro_Logicube_Write Protect Portable


The ZXi-Forensic is designed for digital forensic labs. The ZXi-Forensic achieves imaging speeds of over 50GB/min*., allows users to upload forensic images from evidence drives to a network repository. Users can “push” images from 3 evidence drives simultaneously using 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports.



Complete hard disk cloning solutions for 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-many applications. Hard drive duplication at speeds up to 24 GB/min!

Logicube is a pioneer in hard disk drive duplication technology. Our attention to innovation, quality, performance and ease of use make Logicube’s hard drive duplication solutions the number one choice of businesses around the world. From the simple upgrade of a computer’s hard disk drive, to software deployment across the enterprise or mass duplication of hard drives we have the disk cloning solution you need.



This fast, portable and budget-friendly1 to 1 hard drive duplicator supports cloning PCIe M.2, USB 3.0 and SATA hard drives. The EchoPlus™-NG delivers blazing fast hard drive cloning at 18 GB/min.

This portable cloner provides advanced features not seen in your typical entry-level duplicator, making it easy to accomplish all your cloning and wiping tasks including drive testing, software and OS upgrades, back-ups, new PC rollouts and content/application distribution.

MergenPro logicube SCSI-NG-Duplicator


The SCSI-NG offers a small desktop footprint for cloning SCSI hard drives for back-up, drive testing and all your duplication tasks. The unit features a Gigabit Ethernet network port to conveniently use the browser-based interface to manage all SCSI-NG operations.

Comprehensive log reports provide detailed information about each task performed. An optional Wipe feature that complies with NIST 800-88 can securely erase hard drives using a SCSI format command, a custom pass, or a 7 pass DoD specification wipe.

MergenPro Logicube SuperSonix-NG-PCIe

SuperSonix®-NG PCIe

The SuperSonix®-NG PCIe hard drive duplicator is a unique portable hard drive cloner on the market that supports PCIe M.2 SSDs including AHCI & NVMe types.

The SuperSonix-NG PCIe delivers blazing fast hard drive cloning at 24 GB/min and efficiently performs hard drive duplicating tasks including PC deployments, OS upgrades, content/application distribution and data back-up tasks. Its compact size makes it ideal for the workbench or mobile onsite applications.

MergenPro Logicube ZXi

ZClone™Xi (ZXi)

The ZClone™ Xi (ZXi) delivers blazing fast hard drive duplication at 27 GB/min with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. This industrial-strength hard drive cloner provides IT professionals with a solution that efficiently performs hard drive duplicating tasks including PC deployments, OS upgrades, content/application distribution and data back-up tasks.

MergenPro Logicube ZX-Tower


The ZX-Tower™ (ZX-T) wipe-only solution provides secure wiping of hard disk drives and USB enclosures. This reliable solution allows organizations to easily comply with NIST 800-88 guidelines for media sanitization.

MergenPro Logicube ZXi-10G


This powerful, advanced cloning solution includes two 10GbE network connections and support to clone up to 16 M.2 NVMe SSDs with optional PCIe Expansion Modules. Maximize your productivity by utilizing the latest network technology to streamline your workflow and clone directly to or from a network repository or a NAS device. The ZXi™-10G also supports cloning from Thunderbolt™ storage enclosures utilizing two built-in Thunderbolt 4 ports.

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