From time to time, MergenPro may collect personal data from its customers and members by sending them various campaign information, promotional texts about its new products and promotional offers. Below it is stated how and in what way the personal data collected is collected, how and how this data is protected.

Personal information such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address such as all kinds of other information to identify the user. MergenPro may use personal information to determine the user profile and perform statistical studies within its own structure and may share it with third parties only for the purpose of carrying out these studies.

During the approval process carried out through our website or by e-mail, the personal information transmitted by our members electronically will not be disclosed to third parties except for the purposes and scope determined by the “User Consent” we make with our members. MergenPro undertakes to keep confidential information strictly private and confidential, to treat it as a confidentiality obligation and to take all necessary measures and exercise due diligence to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or its unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. Although MergenPro has taken the necessary information security measures, MergenPro shall not have any responsibility if confidential information is damaged or obtained by third parties as a result of attacks on the site and the system.

MergenPro may provide links to other sites within its website. Our company does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed through these links. The advertisements published on the site of our company are distributed to our users through our advertising business partners. The Privacy Policy Principles in this agreement relate only to the use of our website and do not cover third-party websites.

In the limited cases specified below, MergenPro may disclose the information of the users to third parties except for the provisions of this “Privacy Policy”.

1. To comply with the obligations imposed by the rules of law issued by the competent legal authority such as Law, Decree with the Force of Law, Regulation, etc.;

2. In order to fulfill the requirements of the contracts concluded by our website with the users and to put them into practice;

3. Requesting information about users for the purpose of conducting an investigation or investigation duly conducted by the competent administrative and judicial authority;

4. When providing information is necessary to protect the rights or security of users.

The Data Controller for Personal Data is MergenPro A.Ş. The Personal Data obtained is the responsibility of MergenPro and may be processed and transferred only for the purpose of contacting the employees or officials of the company in connection with the commercial relationship of the company or other purposes contacted by you, and using the commercial information and documents limited to the commercial purposes of MergenPro. Any use other than for the stated purposes is unlawful. The personal data contained in the e-mails you will send by replying to the e-mail are collected through the outlook system and processed in accordance with the provisions of “Data Processing is Mandatory for the Establishment, Use or Protection of a Right” specified in the provision 5/2-e of the Law No. 6698 and “Compulsory Data Processing for the Legitimate Interests of the Data Controller, provided that it does not harm the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Data Subject” specified in the provision 5/2-f. It is accepted that the personal data sent by you to MergenPro have been obtained in accordance with the legislation and that the necessary technical and administrative measures have been taken by you regarding this personal data. The Personal Data obtained in this way may be transferred in accordance with the purpose of the relationship between the Persons and Suppliers Receiving Products or Services and the parties and Article 8 of the Law No. 6698. You can use your rights within the scope of Article 11 of the Law No. 6698 regarding your personal data transmitted to the Data Controller MergenPro via e-mail.