Individuals and organizations that invest in education are investing in their future. With the right training and resources, you can become a demanding cyber security, forensics or incident response specialist; you can work on well-paid, mission-critical tasks.

Our firm is committed to providing participants with hands-on cybersecurity, forensics, incident response skills because we know the importance of everyone in an organization (from non-technical employees to IT security personnel, to the organization’s security leadership team) creating a critical line of defense in the battle against ever-evolving threats.

Trainings are given by experienced and professional people in their field, and the training contents are constantly updated according to the developing technologies and perspectives. All of the trainings are prepared according to current internationally accepted standards, and interesting and entertaining with high-quality content that makes participants interactive. Anyone who completes their education can start to apply their knowledge and skills they have learned immediately.

Our trainings are provided at various levels that will make it easy for examiners to carry out their forensic work themselves. All trainings are modular, and their content and duration can be customized according to the request of institutions or groups. In addition to the theoretical information, comprehensive practical exercises next to theoretical knowledge are performed in the trainings to ensure for reinforcement and practical gain of the participants.

In our trainings, it is prioritized that participants can make in-depth analysis by focusing directly on the data without being dependent on any software or tool. The main purpose of the trainings is not only to use a software and try to understand the results by pressing certain buttons, but also to gain the ability to interpret and analyze raw data both theoretically and practically.

Trainings can be done online or in person. After the assessment and evaluation exam, certifications are provided to participants who successfully complete the trainings by our company.

Training CodeTraining LevelDurationDetailed Info
BelkaCEBelkasoft Certification CourseIntermediate
3 daysBelkaCE
F300Digital Forensics EssentialsBeginner2 daysF300
E300E-Discovery EssentialsBeginner2 daysE300
L300Digital Forensics and Evidence for Legal ExpertsBeginner2 daysL300
F301Digital Evidence First ResponseBeginner2 daysF301
F302Volatile Data and RAM ForensicsBeginner
3 daysF302
F400Digital Forensics Boot CampBeginner
3 daysF400
F401Triage and AnalysisBeginner
5 daysF401
F500Digital Forensics Specialist (Essentials)Beginner
3 daysF500
M500Mobile Phone and Mobile Device ForensicsBeginner
3 daysM500
F600Digital Forensics Specialist-AdvancedIntermediate
5 daysF600
W600Windows ForensicsIntermediate
5 daysW600
S600Data SecurityIntermediate
5 daysS600
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