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Belkasoft Training for Digital Evidence Management
An Important Step for Digital Forensics Professionals

Belkasoft is a global leader in digital forensics and cyber incident response software development. Belkasoft products help customers in over 130 countries to solve digital forensic cases, respond to cyber incidents, conduct eDiscovery investigations and protect precious business assets from cyber threats.

In the digital era, the effective collection, analysis, and interpretation of digital evidence are crucial for criminal investigations and legal proceedings. Therefore, forensic analysts need to be proficient in understanding and interpreting digital data accurately. Belkasoft, as a leading provider of specialized training programs, offers tailored education to enhance and update the skills of forensic experts.


Certified Belkasoft Trainings in Turkey Now

Belkasoft Certification Course is designed for:

• Local and federal law enforcement
• Military investigative professionals
• Private sector security professionals
• Security and forensic consultants
• Private investigators
• Academic professionals
• Legal professionals

In this training, you will:

• Learn how to identify, acquire, analyze, and report on any type of artifact while utilizing the Evidence Center platform
• Demonstrate your ability to perform forensically sound investigations and efficiently analyze digital artifacts, especially those with evidentiary value
• Discuss procedures used for identification, acquisition, analysis, and reporting of electronic media for courtroom presentation
• Debate the importance of developing and maintaining good policies on analyzing electronic artifacts to guide examiners when conducting cases
• Learn to draft an effective report on findings to outline the analysis process used to locate or obtain pertinent evidence
• Receive a solid foundation in the best practices associated with digital forensics

Various analysis options will be considered: extraction of artifacts from existing files, carving, live RAM analysis, hibernation, and pagefile analysis.
Every module is accompanied by a set of practical exercises and all related questions will be answered during the training session.

Students will be required to complete a final exam and all passing students will receive an official Belkasoft Certificate (BelkaCE).

Certified Belkasoft trainings;

  1. Professional Development and Expertise: Belkasoft training programs contribute to the professional development of forensic analysts. Participants learn from instructors specialized in the analysis and management of digital evidence. These training sessions help participants enhance their existing knowledge and skills and specialize in forensic computing.

  2. Cutting-Edge Technology and Methods: Digital crimes and, consequently, the nature of digital evidence are constantly evolving. Belkasoft training introduces participants to the latest technology and best practices, acquainting them with the most recent developments in the field. Equipped with up-to-date technology and methods, participants can improve their ability to detect crimes and bring offenders to justice.

  3. Comprehensive Training Programs: Belkasoft offers comprehensive training programs at various levels and topics. From introductory to advanced courses, the programs are tailored to the needs and skill levels of participants. These programs allow participants to specialize in specific areas and advance their careers.

  4. Practical Application and Scenario-Based Learning: Belkasoft training includes practical application and scenario-based learning to reinforce participants’ learning. This approach enables participants to encounter situations similar to real-world scenarios and develop effective problem-solving skills. As a result, participants are better prepared and more competent after completing the training.

  5. Certification Opportunities and Industry Recognition: Participants who successfully complete Belkasoft training can obtain Belkasoft certifications. These certifications validate participants’ expertise levels, enhancing their recognition within the industry. Additionally, these certifications can help participants advance their careers and access better opportunities.

Belkasoft training programs are an excellent opportunity for forensic analysts and experts to contribute to their professional development and enhance their effectiveness in combating digital crimes. As the authorized training partner in Turkey, we offer Belkasoft training programs tailored to the needs of forensic analysts and experts.