MSAB – a Major Player in IDC report on Digital Forensics

MSAB, a global leader in digital forensic technology for mobile device examination and analysis, announced it has been named as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Forensics in Public Safety 2022 Vendor Assessment. The report noted that MSAB solutions are designed around investigator flexibility. This provides investigators with discretion over investigative options, strong inter-product capabilities and users can conduct up to three extractions simultaneously with one single license.

According to the report, “XRY, the MSAB Mobile Forensics and Data Recovery Software, has selective extraction capabilities that allow users to target data via time frame, data category, or app or by individual file if required to support data privacy for victims and witnesses.”

MergenPro MSAB IDC

The report also highlights that public safety agencies should consider the MSAB solution when speed, efficiency and cost constraints are their top priorities. Agencies should also consider MSAB when they value a solution with a proven historical track record in the mobile environment.

The MSAB mobile forensics solutions are designed to empower organizations, speed up operations, conduct more efficient investigations and ensure the consistent quality of digital evidence.

“MSAB has chosen to focus heavily on what the company terms “Frontline” for its digital forensics offerings, making customers more efficient and effective by deploying technology where it is needed as devices are seized, rather than supplying tools only for the central labs and traditional digital forensics units.” the report says.

“In our ongoing mission to make our solutions better, MSAB has been focusing on developing solutions that allow access to information in the first critical hours of a criminal investigation and reduce time collecting digital evidence. With our solutions, operational officers can recover severe data quickly and easily using our frontline digital forensics solutions such as the MSAB Kiosk and Tablet; they can also offer victims and witnesses a consent-based authorization form which can be signed digitally at the crime scene”, says Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB.