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Intensive, Intuitive Solutions – Collect and Analyze Digital Evidence Computer, Mobile and Cloud Sources

The popularity and flexibility of today’s remote workplace have ushered in a host of new security vulnerabilities. With the proliferation of mobile devices and computing, the threat from targeted attacks and a data breach has never been higher.

Evolve and harden the cybersecurity of Your Business.
Identify malicious code infiltration points and originating attack vectors.
Trace and eradicate malicious code.


Is your company at increased risk?




Telecom companies

Oil and gas companies

Oil and gas companies

Large retailers and wholesalers

Large retailers and wholesalers

Companies with significant IT infrastructure

Companies with significant IT infrastructure

Companies with high requirements for compliance, trade secret protection

Companies with high requirements for compliance, trade secret protection, etc.

Top Cybersecurity Companies Use Belkasoft to

Perform material digital forensics

Perform material digital forensics

Audit and maintain compliance

Audit and maintain compliance

forensically sound cyber incident investigations

Successfully complete forensically sound cyber incident investigations

extensive DFIR service

Deliver extensive DFIR service offerings


Comprehensive | Efficient | Remote | Powerful


Investigate computer systems, mobile devices, data from the cloud and volatile memory.

* Detect security events from numerous sources—registry, event logs and other system files.
* Over 1,500 different apps are cataloged out of the box.
* Examine local or global networks (dozens to thousands of endpoints).


Automate Your Incident Investigation Efforts with state-of-the-art Belkasoft solutions.

* Effective 24/7 multi-user, team collaboration around the world.
* Unattended / Configurable / Programmable / Automated analysis of hacking attempts through browser extensions, remote connections, startup tasks.
* Deploy agents over your network with only with few mouse clicks.


Easily acquire compromised data from remote Windows-based devices.

* Remotely acquire any iOS or Android phone/tablet connected to an endpoint.
* Acquire drive and RAM images of all global endpoints.
* Maximize bandwidth and usage for data acquisition across your network with the help of flexible upload scheduler.


Use powerful analytical features, such as a connection graph, a timeline, and advanced picture and video analysis.

* Analyze mobile and computer devices, device back-ups and disk images, virtual machines, and memory dumps.
* Prioritized and effective server-based search of digital evidence for instantaneous results.
* Robust data visualization tools for root cause analysis.

Belkasoft solutions are customized, right-sized tools for your company and budget, designed to inform and enable a quick response to a variety of data breaches.


Evolve and harden your cybersecurity.
Three cohesive solutions with full-featured standalone capabilities.

Belkasoft X Corporate

Expose intrusion and hacking attempts with Belkasoft X Corporate edition, our full-featured flagship product.
Designed for deep, decisive, real-time cyber incident response—analyze data collected from endpoints across local and global networks.
Windows, macOS and Linux systems—Android and iOS mobile devices—volatile memory—cloud storage sources.
Free your strained IT resources with automation and unattended execution.


* Complete precision analysis of all artifacts recovered from remote endpoints using Belkasoft Remote Acquisition
* In-depth threat analysis of potentially compromised devices
* Easy integration into existing workflows

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Belkasoft Incident Investigations

Forensically sound incident investigation tools designed and developed specifically for your business.
Investigate hacking attempts, malicious code and suspicious traces. Discover initial attack vectors and malware tricks used by hackers to penetrate your company’s network infrastructure with Belkasoft Incident Investigations.
Conduct effective attack simulation to evolve and harden your cybersecurity with proactive and enhanced preventative measures.


* Theft of Confidential or Priviledged IP
* Inappropriate conduct in the workplace
* Capture and block internal threats
* Malicious email services
* Abnormal system usage
* Irregular use of credentials or escalation of credentials

Belkasoft Remote Acquisition

Belkasoft Remote Acquisition —Remote eDiscovery, data extraction and device acquisition is now at your fingertips.
Extract and acquire critical data from dozens to thousands of endpoints across your local and global network—remote extraction of hard and removable drives, volatile memory and even connected mobile devices.
Collaborate across your company and network. Fully compatible with Belkasoft Evidence Center X Corporate edition.


* Remove limitations imposed by travel restrictions
* Easy eDiscovery compliance with full remote device endpoint acquisition
* Remotely acquire compromised mobile devices (malware and other malicious code)
* Instantaneous incident response to erratic laptop or desktop behavior across your network

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