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Get Forensic Access to Protected Data

Elcomsoft Desktop Forensic Bundle

The complete suite of ElcomSoft password recovery tools enables access to encrypted disks, files and documents in hundreds of formats. Our tools are industry acclaimed and are considered among the fastest on the market and the easiest to use.

MergenPro Elcomsoft Desktop Forensic Bundle

Innovative Technologies

ElcomSoft pioneered many revolutionary innovations that changed the entire industry of password recovery. Whether you need access to a password-protected Microsoft Office document or Adobe PDF file, BitLocker or FileVault 2 volume, encrypted ZIP or RAR archive, rest assured we have the right tool for you. The latest development revolutionizes the speed of password recovery without requiring expensive hardware.

Unprecedented Speed

Our tools employ a revolutionary, patented technology to accelerate password recovery with consumer-grade hardware found in today’s video cards by NVIDIA and AMD or found in last generation Intel processors. The GPU acceleration technology offloads parts of computational-heavy processing onto the fast and highly scalable processors featured in gaming video cards. Using a top of the line video card helps achieve a 100x to 250x boost compared to CPU-only speeds.

Instant Recovery

Instant password recovery is available for more business and office applications than one could imagine. Text processors, spreadsheets, database management programs, office suites, email clients, instant messengers and many other passwords can be instantly recovered or removed.

Build Your Own Supercomputer

Using multiple CPU and GPU units and utilizing all available cores, ElcomSoft products implement the most effective utilization of all computational resources available in a given workstation. By combining the power of multiple workstations and on-demand cloud instances, you can build a system that rivals the power of a supercomputer.

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Elcomsoft Mobile
Forensic Bundle

This mobile forensic kit enables law enforcement, corporate and government customers to acquire and analyze the content of a wide range of mobile devices. The kit enables experts perform physical, logical and over-the-air acquisition of smartphones and tablets, break mobile backup passwords and decrypt encrypted backups, view and analyze information stored in mobile devices.

MergenPro Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle

iOS Forensics

# Logical, physical and over-the-air acquisition methods in a single suite
# Full access to stored passwords with all three acquisition methods
# Physical extraction of Apple’s latest hardware
# Access to locked devices with iTunes pairing records
# Extract and decrypt iCloud stored passwords

Google Forensics

# All-in-one acquisition and analysis solution for Google accounts
# Access stored passwords and build password dictionaries
# Analyze years’ worth of location history
# Access pictures and videos, browsing history and page transitions, searches, text messages and emails, and a lot more

Messengers: WhatsApp, Signal and Skype

# Extract and analyze WhatsApp, Signal and Skype communication histories
# Get access to WhatsApp conversations from iOS and Android devices and cloud services

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Supported File Formats and Types of Encryption

Recover passwords to a broad variety of office documents, archives, encrypting file systems, Windows and email accounts, and remove many more types of password protection.

MergenPro Elcomsoft Supported File Formats

Break complex passwords, recover strong encryption keys and unlock documents in a production environment and use up to 10,000 computers or cloud instances to provide the abundance of brute force for your password recovery jobs.


ZIP (PKZip, WinZip) archives, conventional encryption and AES encryption # RAR (WinRAR) archives, 7Zip archives (GPU accelerated).

Microsoft Office Documents

Microsoft Office 2007,2010,2013,2016: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project, OneNote (.DOCX, .XLSX, .ACCDB, .PPTX, .MSPX) file opening password recovery (GPU accelerated) # Microsoft Word/Excel 97/2000/XP/2003, PowerPoint XP/2003 (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) (“open” password only) # Microsoft Word/Excel 97/2000 (.DOC, .XLS) (guaranteed decryption) # Microsoft Money, OneNote (password recovery).

OpenDocument (OpenOffice, StarOffice etc) (GPU accelerated)

Word processing (text) documents (.ODT, .OTT, .SXW, .STW), spreadsheets (.ODS, .OTS, .SXC, .STC), presentations (.ODP, .OTP, .SXI, .STI), graphics/drawing (.ODG, .OTG, .SXD, .STD), formulae, mathematical equations (.ODF, .SXM).

Apple iWork (GPU accelerated)

Pages (.pages), Numbers (.numbers), KeyNote (.key).

Hangul Office

Hanword 2010,2014 # Hancell 2010,2014 (GPU accelerated).

Disk encryption and Open-Key Passwords

PGP zip archives (.PGP), secret key rings (.SKR), disks with conventional encryption (.PGD), self-decrypting archives (.EXE), whole disk encryption (GPU accelerated) # Personal Information Exchange certificates – PKCS #12 (.PFX, .P12) (GPU accelerated) # IKE (Internet Key Exchange) dump (password recovery) (GPU accelerated) #TrueCrypt (full disk encryption and encrypted containers) (GPU accelerated) # FileVault 2 (GPU accelerated) # BitLocker and BitLocker To Go (GPU accelerated).

Adobe Acrobat PDF

Adobe Acrobat PDF with 256-bit, 128-bit, 40-bit encryption (“user” and “owner” password recovery) # Adobe Acrobat PDF with 40-bit encryption (guaranteed decryption).

System Passwords

Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista logon passwords (LM/NTLM), SYSKEYstartup passwords, DCC (Domain Cached Credentials) passwords (GPU accelerated) # UNIX users’ passwords (password audit/recovery) # Mac OS X account passwords (GPU accelerated).

Other Passwords and Hashes

Intuit Quicken (.QDF) (password recovery) # Lotus Notes ID files (password recovery) (GPU accelerated) # MD5 hashes, salted MD5 hashes (plaintext recovery) (GPU accelerated) # SHA-1/SHA-256/SHA-512 hashes (plaintext recovery) (GPU accelerated) # Oracle users’ passwords (password audit/recovery) # WPA and WPA2 passwords (GPU accelerated) # Mac OS X keychain password (GPU accelerated) # Mozilla/FireFox/Thunderbird master passwords (password recovery) # Microsoft SQL Server (.MDF), SQL Server Compact (.SDF) (password recovery) (GPU accelerated) # iPhone/iPod/iPad backups (password recovery) (GPU accelerated) # BlackBerry backups (.IPD, .BBB) (password recovery) (GPU accelerated) # Apple Disk Image (.DMG) passwords # KeePass, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane master password (GPU accelerated) # Bitcoin Wallet passwords including Bitcoin Core, Classic, XT and Unlimited.

Heterogeneous GPU Acceleration

The revolutionary, patented GPU acceleration technology boosts password recovery speeds 100xto 250x times when one or more compatible Intel, NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards are present. Mix video cards of different makes and models thanks to heterogeneous acceleration. GPU acceleration technology offloads parts of computational-intensive processing onto the fast and highly scalable processors featured in the latest graphic accelerators.

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Disk Decryption & System Recovery

Get access to password protected Windows accounts and Microsoft Accounts, encrypted disks and crypto containers with best solutions on the market today. Advanced technologies and attacks are applied in order to get instant access or extract the necessary data for further brute-force and decryption.

MergenPro Elcomsoft Disk Decryption

Reset passwords to local Windows accounts and Microsoft Account in all versions of Windows. 

Assign administrative privileges to any user account, reset expired passwords or export password hashes for offline recovery. Supplied with bootable Windows PE environment.

# Reset passwords to Windows accounts
# Dump hashed passwords from SAM/SYSTEM files or Active Directory database for offline password recovery
# Recover both local accounts and Microsoft Account passwords
# Customized Windows PE environment with broad hardware compatibility and genuinely native FAT and NTFS support

Instantly access data stored in encrypted BitLocker, FileVault 2, PGP, TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt containers. The tool extracts cryptographic keys from RAM captures, hibernation and page files or uses plain-text password or escrow keys to decrypt files and folders stored in crypto containers or mount encrypted volumes as new drive letters for instant, real-time access.

# Decrypt BitLocker, BitLocker To Go, FileVault 2, PGP, TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt volumes
# Extract cryptographic keys from RAM captures, hibernation and page files, escrow and Recovery keys
# Extract and store all available encryption keys
# Instantly mount encrypted containers as drive letters
# Capture the content of computer’s volatile memory with kernel-level tool
# Fast, zero-footprint operation

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Mobile and Cloud Forensics

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle includes a number of tools to acquire and analyze evidence from a number of mobile platforms.

MergenPro Elcomsoft Mobile Cloud

Physical and logical acquisition of iOS devices

Extract evidence from 64-bit iOS devices with or without a jailbreak. Low-level extraction and keychain acquisition on jailbroken devices, advanced logical for devices without a jailbreak.

Obtain evidence from locked iPhones

Use existing lockdown records to extract evidence from locked iOS devices without a passcode. Media files, backups, and shared files can be extracted from screen locked devices.

Break iOS backup passwords

Brute-force passwords protecting encrypted iOS backups with a high-end tool. GPU acceleration helps achieve unprecedented performance, while access to users’ stored passwords enables targeted attacks with custom dictionaries.

Cloud forensics: download iCloud backups, passwords, photos and synced data

ElcomSoft provides the most comprehensive iCloud acquisition solution on the market, enabling forensic access to evidence stored in the cloud with and without the Apple ID password. Access cloud backups, call logs, messages, passwords, contacts, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud files and a lot more.

Full over-the-air acquisition of Google Accounts

Extract information from the many available Google services, parse, analyze and assemble the data to present information in a wide range of HTML reports.

View and analyze evidence

Use the lightweight tool to browse, search and analyze evidence. Discover deleted messages (including deleted SMS and iMessages in iOS backups), view passwords stored in the user’s Google Account and iOS keychain.

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