Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response (EPDR)

Cybersecurity solutions are constantly evolving, but they need to stay one step ahead of malicious individuals and groups trying to harm organizations and individuals. Simple protection measures (like traditional Antivirus) are not enough nowadays.

Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response (EPDR) is much more than a suite of IT solutions, it is a methodology and philosophy for cybersecurity. EPDR refers to the next generation EDR solution advanced with threat prevention capabilities. While EPDR takes a proactive approach to cyber-attacks, normal EDR has a reactive approach.

In cybersecurity, the game of cat and mouse is going on between defenders and attackers in which roles are constantly being reversed. Defenders (cybersecurity solutions and teams) find a way to block all incoming attacks, while attackers (malware operators or hackers) are looking for new ways to achieve their goals.

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