Mobile Forensics

Today, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are an integral part of our lives. Individuals use mobile devices for most of the communication and data sending -receiving operations in their daily use, and these devices contain a significant amount of data. Mobile devices store phone call logs and text messages, as well as information of a wide variety of structures including photos, documents, emails, social media activities, location information and various application data. Although mobile forensics is associated with law enforcement, businesses can use mobile forensics tools on different issues from the theft of intellectual property to the misconduct of an employee.

Although the main purpose of mobile forensics is to extract digital evidence or related data from a mobile device while protecting data integrity, it is also used to protect data stored on mobile devices belong to a company. Mobile devices are not just limited to phones and smart tablets. IoT devices, memory cards, drones and cloud service data are also included in the scope of mobile forensics.

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