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Complete solutions for mobile forensics

The combined power of MSAB mobile forensics software solutions, platforms and services is the key to solving more cases with greater reliability at a lower cost.

Harness Your Mobile Forensics Investigations With MSAB

MSAB is a global leader in forensic technology for mobile device examination and analysis to protect lives with software solutions. The mission is to find the truth and protect the innocent by using products developed in conjunction with the EU ForMobile standard project. MSAB has been involved in mobile communications since 1984 and has had a singular focus on mobile forensics since 2003. MSAB primarily serve law enforcement agencies but also prisons/correctional institutions, intelligence agencies, tax authorities, border control agencies, the military and selected private companies.

MSAB develop and provide high quality, easy-to-use mobile forensic software that enables and empowers our customers to fulfill their missions to make the world a safer place. MSAB mobile forensic solutions have been instrumental in empowering many organizations worldwide to scale up their capabilities and decentralize their mobile forensic operations for increased efficiency, eliminating delays and device processing backlogs.

Empowering organizations with mobile forensics solutions


Recover more data faster and easier with XRY. Extract and decode more digital forensic data from today’s mobile devices in less time and with full integrity, ensuring it can stand up in court.


Find critical evidence and intelligence with XAMN. Search, filter, review, visualize and analyze hundreds of gigabytes of mobile data effectively for use in a judicial setting.


Gain control and speed up your operations with XEC. Manage mobile forensics, improve the performance of your team, instantly update forensic software, monitor and report on operations.

MSAB Ecosystem: Complete solutions for digital forensics

The Ecosystem of mobile forensics is designed as a complete digital forensics solution to empower organizations, speed operations, conduct more efficient investigations and ensure the consistent quality of digital evidence.

The Future of Integrated Forensics: Ecosystem Solutions for Digital Forensic Investigations

A mobile device is a goldmine of data. In an era where 98% of investigations and intelligence work rely on digital evidence it is often the most critical factor. However, too often the power and potential of mobile forensics is not being realized.

Having the right mobile forensic tools in the right places can make a huge difference for law enforcement agencies. They can allow you to speed up investigations, eliminate device backlogs and increase efficiency.

The MSAB Ecosystem will give you what you need to empower your organization and dramatically improve your speed, efficiency and control — and save money as well.

MergenPro MSAB Ecosystem
MergenPro MSAB Law Enforcement

A compelling reason to choose our mobile forensic solutions: The XRY file format is forensically secure

XRY enables law enforcement agencies to demonstrate that they are taking all reasonable technological steps to mitigate the risks associated with holding personal data extracted via mobile phone recovery.

The XRY forensic file format has built-in protection and encryption, with a secure forensic file container designed to ensure a secure chain of custody of digital data. This will help avoid the risks associated with data stored in open file formats.

The MSAB Ecosystem
New possibilities to improve digital forensics operations

MSAB – as a pioneer of the mobile forensics industry – has dedicated its mission to enabling organizations to make digital forensic improvements that matter.

Based on our expertise and global customer experience, we have carefully designed our system to meet the needs of modern investigations, adding new tools and applications to our existing well-proven trusted technology.

The MSAB Ecosystem is divided into three areas: Applications, Platforms, and Services. Combined together these solutions encompass a range of tools for different missions, situations, and user roles.

XRY is now faster than ever and supports decoding of data from all types of devices starting with simple feature phones, through to the most challenging iOS and Android smart devices.

XAMN has evolved to offer a high quality user experience and provides incredibly versatile views of all the data recovered for both investigator and analysts.

The XEC product range allows for greater supervision and operational support than ever before. Together they form a complete mobile forensics Ecosystem solution that enables you to use all your resources more efficiently than ever before.

MergenPro MSAB Ecosystem of Mobile Forensics

Applications for the whole investigative process
MSAB products and their unique abilities

Our software applications are divided into three product families; XRY, XAMN and XEC, each dedicated to different stages of an investigation: extraction, analysis and management.

XRY: A powerful, intuitive and efficient software that lets you securely extract targeted and more high quality data from mobile devices in less time than ever before, whilst fully maintaining the integrity of the evidence for chain of custody. The XRY family of tools is the flagship of the MSAB portfolio.

XAMN: A powerful solution that helps you to find critical evidence faster and analyze large data more effectively. Whether your mission is to gather and report intelligence, prevent crime or quickly produce solid evidence, XAMN enables the fastest possible route from data overload to finding key items of relevance and evidential reporting.

XEC: A centralized management suite that allows you to connect tools from a single point, transfer data and manage all of your MSAB applications, in order to reduce administration costs, build, tailor and streamline a truly complete and efficient mobile forensics system for your organization.

All these applications work in combination to meet the increasing need for efficient management, deployment and reporting of forensic tools, driven by the growing importance of mobile data.

Platforms for every occasion

Our platforms offer a range of hardware solutions, specially designed for the MSAB software
products – and most importantly, they are designed for the different needs of our customers
in law enforcement, military and government agencies. We offer five platforms:

Our platforms are divided into two options: open and turnkey.

Open Platform solutions:
Open platforms are traditional software applications designed for Windows computers with
point-and-click-interfaces that can run other applications required by the user on the same

Turnkey Platform solutions:
Turnkey platforms are locked down hardware systems with touch screen interfaces to
minimize the need to train and educate users and ensure standardization for managers.

MergenPro MSAB Platforms

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